Naivedyam & Prasadam – Offering & Receiving

There is a profound spiritual science behind offering food. Hindu traditions propound that deities do not physically partake of the food, but rather absorb the 'Praana' (vital life force) of the items the food offering is made of. At Puja time, when the deity is invoked, specific rituals are done to transfer that Praana to the deity as it hovers around the Murthi (consecrated image of a deity) in astral form.

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A Briani Story

If Mauritius was a dish, wouldn't it be the #briani #biryani #briyani? Bringing so many spices, vegetables, rice and condiments together to create an outburst of flavours that pleases the eyes, the nose, the mouth and somehow the mind - it provides comfort, warmth and an unmatched beautiful feeling of satisfaction. It is so much diversity into one dish, creating a splendid medley.

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Bruschetta à la Mauricienne! Recette

Imaginez une tranche de baguette croquante, grillée avec de l'huile d'olive extra vierge et de l'ail sur laquelle repose un mélange frais de tomates, d'oignons, de coriandre (feuilles de coriandre), de menthe et de morceaux de, OUI! le fameux 'Gato Pima'! Ça donne l'eau à la bouche, n'est-ce pas? Cela fait un moment que j'ai… Continue reading Bruschetta à la Mauricienne! Recette

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Rava Kesari à l’ananas! Festival Special

When we talk of festivals we talk of merry, of joy, of happiness, of sharing, but mostly of sweets! In a couple of days, Mauritius will be in full celebration of Ugaadi, the Telugu New Year and Gudi Padwa, the Marathi New Year; this got me motivated to share with you a piece of culinary… Continue reading Rava Kesari à l’ananas! Festival Special